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About Us


We are an Italian/Peruvian family obsessed with Italy and the beauty that it offers. We have spent many years in Tuscany and it inspires everything that we do. My wife and I love architecture, art, food, and providing unique high-end experiences to others. 

We built Andalusian Oaks around all of the things we love about Italy and Europe. Piazzas, Brick Ovens, Fountains, Lemon Trees, Gardens, etc...

Come visit and experience everything that we love about Italy.

Choose from our 4 most popular ceremony locations

Tuscan Pathway

Inspired by Tuscany this Italian Cyprus tree-lined pathway makes for one of the most unique and beautiful ceremony spots.

Andalusian Oaks Wedding Venue Orlando2.jpg
DSCF8725 copy.jpg

The Piazza

The Piazza consists of 4000 sq ft of outdoor space and can hold up to 200 people. The stairs that overlook the pond make this location one our bride's favorites.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom consists of 2500 sq ft of space to eat, dance, and celebrate. It is completely white inside allowing for many versitile decorating options.

Andalusian Oaks Wedding Venue Jacksonville.jpg

The Oak Forest

The Oak Forest consists of giant 80 yr old oak trees that make for some of the most dreamy images. The grass is kept short so you and your guests can wander all 31 acres.


European Countryside Weddings

in Central Florida

There is nothing quite so romantic as the intimate outdoor spaces that Europe offers to those who are in love.  Fountains, piazzas, and stunning garden spaces with their small inviting bistro sets beckon quietly to you to sit, relax, and inhale a bit of the surrounding beauty with your 'Amore'. 

Andalusian Oaks, a 31-acre property in central Florida, is just intimate outdoor and indoor space for those in love who want to immerse themselves in a deeply romantic

European experience.

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