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Mud Games

You could win our venue for FREE for your wedding!

The rules are simple...

Whoever has the ball at the end of 1.5 minutes moves on to the next round.

No violence

No choking

No pulling hair

Clean and fun mud wrestling in our mud pit.


Come out for a fun activity with
friends and family!

Grand Prize

The bride that wins gets $1k cash and gets to use Andalusian Oaks for her wedding day completely for FREE. That is over $10k worth of savings!


The venue comes with tables, chairs, decorations, staff, bridal suites, groom's suite, 

31 acres, oak forest, piazza, Tuscan pathway, brick oven, lemon grove, and indoor temperature controlled space for up to 150 people.


July 31st - August 5th

From 6 pm - 9 pm

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