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5 stunning outdoor wedding venues in Gainesville Florida for your perfect day

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Do you intend to exchange vows outside in Gainesville, Florida? Beautiful outdoor locations may be found all across the city, which can add even more magic to your big day. Outdoor wedding venues in Gainesville have plenty to offer any couple, whether they're searching for a quaint garden or a rustic barn. The top five outdoor wedding locations in Gainesville are listed below.

Botanical Gardens of Kanapaha

The gorgeous Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a beautiful location for outdoor weddings. 24 distinctive gardens, including a bamboo garden, a herb garden, and a water garden, are spread around the 62-acre property. The area also boasts a lovely arboretum, which is the ideal place for a wedding ceremony. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens offers a beautiful setting for wedding pictures and can accommodate up to 150 people.

Inn at Sweetwater Branch

In the center of Gainesville, there is a delightful bed and breakfast called Sweetwater Branch Inn. The location has a lovely garden that is ideal for outdoor weddings. A gazebo, fountains, and a koi pond may be found in the garden. The charming indoor chapel at the historic inn can hold up to 50 people. For couples interested in a more small-scale wedding, the Sweetwater Branch Inn offers a charming and private location.

Bar Ranch C

C Bar Ranch is the ideal option if you're looking for a rustic outdoor location. The location has a lovely barn that's suitable for parties and a picturesque meadow that's ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Guests can also enjoy the property's beautiful pond and fire pit. Up to 200 people can stay at C Bar Ranch, which provides a special and memorable experience for couples.

Ranch Santa Fe River

A beautiful venue called Santa Fe River Ranch is close to Gainesville. The location has 100 acres of lovely farmland with a picturesque river and an attractive oak tree canopy. Additionally, there is a charming barn on the property that is ideal for receptions, as well as a cozy cabin where the wedding party can get ready. Up to 200 guests may be accommodated at Santa Fe River Ranch, which provides a traditional Southern wedding setting.

Center for Baughman

On the campus of the University of Florida, there is a distinctive and beautiful arena called the Baughman Center. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Alice, the location offers a breathtaking backdrop for your event. The venue is a great choice for couples who wish to include music in their wedding because it also features a magnificent grand piano. Up to 96 people can be accommodated, and the Baughman Center provides a chic and private wedding setting.

In conclusion, couples wishing to enjoy their big day amidst the majesty of nature will find plenty of exquisite outdoor wedding locations in Gainesville, Florida. These locations offer unique backdrops for your wedding ceremony and reception, whether you like a garden, a barn, or a picturesque river. You're sure to find the ideal outdoor site that captures your style and personality among the magnificent selections available.

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