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The 5 most attractive outdoor wedding venues in Orlando Florida

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Thanks to its pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings, and selection of attractions, Orlando, Florida is a well-liked wedding destination. Orlando has a wide selection of outdoor wedding venues that can accommodate a variety of styles and price points, whether you're planning a local wedding or one that takes place elsewhere. In this post, we'll examine the top five outdoor wedding locations in Orlando, Florida, and offer advice on how to pick the ideal spot for your big day.

House at Cypress Grove Estate

In the center of Orlando, there is a magnificent outdoor wedding location called Cypress Grove Estate House. The location has a lovely waterfront backdrop, a historic estate mansion, and lush gardens. The scenic surroundings of Cypress Grove Estate House make it the ideal location for a classy and romantic outdoor wedding.

The Inn at Alfond

Winter Park, an Orlando neighborhood, is home to the stunning outdoor wedding location known as The Alfond Inn. The location has a magnificent courtyard, lovely gardens, and an opulent ballroom. The Alfond Inn is the ideal site for couples who wish to add a touch of luxury to their outdoor wedding because of its elegant and stylish environment.

Garden Leu

In Orlando, there is a lovely outdoor wedding location called Leu Gardens. The location has 50 acres of lovely gardens, winding paths, and breathtaking views. For couples who want to have a calm and pleasant outdoor wedding, Leu Gardens becomes the ideal venue because to its natural beauty and serene atmosphere.

Art Center in Maitland

In Maitland, an Orlando suburb, there is a distinctive outdoor wedding location called The Maitland Art Center. The venue has lovely gardens, an exquisite antique structure, and outdoor sculptures. The Maitland Art Center is the ideal venue for couples that seek an uncommon and unforgettable outdoor wedding because of its artistic and creative atmosphere.

The Orlando Acre

A gorgeous outdoor wedding location in Orlando is called The Acre. The location has a wonderful lake, lush gardens, and a lovely wooden barn. For couples who want to have a laid-back and informal outdoor wedding, The Acre Orlando makes the ideal setting thanks to its natural beauty and rustic appeal.

Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Venue in Orlando, Florida for Your Wedding

Think about the Season

Consider the weather when selecting an outdoor wedding venue in Orlando, Florida. Winters can be frigid, while summers can be hot and muggy. In Orlando, Florida, spring and fall are the ideal seasons for outdoor weddings.

Think About the Weather

Even in the ideal seasons for outdoor weddings, the weather can change suddenly. If there is a chance of rain or other severe weather, think about preparing a backup plan. Look for a location with indoor alternatives or with tents that can be rented.

Consider Accessibility

Consider accessibility while selecting a venue for an outdoor wedding in Orlando, Florida. Take into account how easy it will be for your visitors to get around, especially if they are elderly or disabled.

Think About Your Budget

The cost of outdoor wedding venues in Orlando, Florida might vary. Look for venues that are within your pricing range after taking your budget into account. Look for locations that permit you to bring in your own suppliers or that provide budget-friendly package deals.

Consider Your Style

Consider both your personal and wedding styles while selecting an outdoor wedding venue in Orlando, Florida. Look for a venue that can accommodate your ideas and create the ambiance you desire for your special day.


There are several lovely outdoor wedding venues in Orlando, Florida that can accommodate a variety of styles and price ranges. Consider the time of year, the weather, accessibility, your spending limit, and your personal preferences when selecting the ideal outdoor venue for your Orlando, Florida, wedding. Your outdoor wedding in Orlando can be a magical and unforgettable event with the right location and careful planning.

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